Cultural Performances

Plate/Bowl Spinning:

Performers employ balance and rhythm to spin ceramic plates and bowls on thin poles with elegance.

Seesaw Bowl Balance:

Perfectly balanced performers stack several bowls on their heads while playing on a seesaw.

Hoop Tumbling:

Traditionally trained acrobats leap through hoops accompanied by banging drums and African-influenced tribal beats.

Straw Hat Juggling:

Gymnastics meets somersaults when jugglers throw, catch, and wear several hats.

Hand to Hand Act:

Two strongmen display strength and flexibility to help each other defy the rules of gravity.

Tibetan Folk Dance:
Tibetan dance is unique even among other Chinese folk dances, in which dancers join hands to follow the leader in a circle. Tibetans perform this dance to relieve stress and express love.

Face-changing Magician:

Face-changing is a sub-genre of Chinese Sichuan Opera. Performers wear vibrant costumes and magically swap traditional opera masks from one to another.