Who we are


Company story


NEWYORKEE is an entertainment and cultural event specialist based in New York City. NEWYORKEE was founded by a group of young leaders that believe that when it comes to culture, contribution is celebration. Their purpose is to provide a large platform for artists and craftsmen to display and sell their work.

For more information, please visit www.newyorkee.com.


Inside looks on lanterns


The Chinese tradition of lantern making has been passed down from generation to generation, dating as far back as the Eastern Han Dynasty in 25 AD!

Fast forward to NYC, 2019: A team of designers start by drafting the design. Once finalized, they create the steel frames and wiring that gives shape, structure, and dimension to the lanterns.

LED lights are added to the interior of the completed frame to bring their creations to life. Artisans cover the frames with small pieces of traditional Chinese silk cloth, giving a lavish look and texture to the lantern. The silk is designed to perfectly fit every unique space between the steel wires. Finally, the lanterns are completed with painted detailing—each one magical.